Kim Burnett

Kim is a founding member of the Arkansas Alliance of Bloodhound Search Specialists and is currently the training coordinator and K-9 handler for the team. Kim‘s K-9 partners are bloodhounds, Baxter and Marshall. Kim began working as a backup member to other handlers in 1993, and in December 1996 began handling her own bloodhound. She has been with the Pope County K-9 Unit since 2001. Kim along with her teammates has responded to searches at the request of various local, state, and federal agencies across Arkansas and surrounding states. Kim is a member of the 102nd Squadron in the Arkansas Wing of the Civil Air Patrol where she trains and works as part of the squadron’s air and ground search teams. She has completed NIMS IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, IS-800 and is a NASAR SARTech III along with numerous other incident command, missing person behavior, scent theory, and search theory classes. Kim currently works as a full time accountant at a local CPA firm in Russellville, Arkansas. Kim holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Arkansas Tech University, a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Arkansas Fayetteville, and a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Arkansas Tech University. Kim also has held her Private Pilot certificate since 1998 and she and her husband own a Piper PA-30. In 2002, she completed a First Responder course and in 2003 completed the Part Time II law enforcement training course. Kim worked as a veterinary technician for 8 years in Clarksville, Arkansas and continues to work with several local veterinarians to stay current on emergency K-9 care. She has also taught individual obedience classes since 1990 and is an AKC CGC (Canine Good citizen) evaluator. Kim has attended numerous search & rescue classes and seminars as both a student and an instructor.

Terry Plumlee

Terry has been a member of AABSS since 2015.  Terry’s K-9 partner is Copper, a bloodhound.

Louetta Plumlee

Casey Jacimore

Casey has been a member of AABSS since 2012 and has been training with the unit since 2010.  He is also a member of the Pope County Search & Rescue team.  He is trained in swift water rescue, marine rescue, and ground search.  He is a certified scuba diver and a NASAR SARTech I.  Casey was a member of the Civil Air Patrol 102nd Squadron starting as a cadet member for 6 years.  He has received training in first aid & CPR, flight line operations, radio communications, navigation using both map/compass & GPS, locating distress beacons, search line movement patterns, missing person behavior, and scent theory.  He is a police officer for Russellville Police Department.

Jennah Spencer

Linda Myers

Michael Myers

Nick Samac

Nick has been a member of AABSS since 2015.  Nick’s K-9 partners are Gunner, a Labrador Retriever, and Dixie, a bloodhound.

Garri Sue Samac

Joel Walker

Lee Weatherall

Lee is a founding member of AABSS. He has been with the Pope County K-9 Unit since 2000. He has been training and handling scent discriminating bloodhounds since 1999.  Lee’s current K-9 partner is bloodhound Midas.  He has worked cases for the FBI, US Forest Service, National Parks Service, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, AR Forestry Commission and numerous other state & local agencies. Lee is a Paramedic / Firefighter currently serving as the Assistant Fire Marshal / Arson Investigator with the Russellville Fire Department. Some of his certifications include: Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Fire Officer I, Fire Officer II, Fire Instructor I, IRHMI: Concept Implementation, Defensive Driving, Meth-lab awareness, Arson Investigator, Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Collection, Haz-mat Technician, High Angle Rope Rescue Technician, Confined Space Rescue Technician, Swift Water Rescue Technician, Auto Extraction, former Police Chief.  Lee is also currently serving as the Canine Officer for the Yell County Mounted Patrol. Lee has attended numerous seminars and classes over the years.

Micki Weatherall


Klay Rowbotham

Klay has been a member of AABSS since 2006. He flanks for handlers during searches, assists with incident command, and assists in setting up training exercises.  He also runs the computer logistics for the unit during training and searches.  Klay is the team leader for the Johnson County Dept. of Emergency Management Search and Rescue team, NASAR SARTech I, a General Class amateur radio operator, a fire fighter and first responder for Johnson County RFD#3, and a certified Storm Spotter.  Klay has taken NASAR FUNSAR (Fundementals of Search and Rescue), NASAR ADSAR (Advanced Search and Rescue), NASAR MLPI (Managing the Lost Person Incident), NASAR SARTopo class, dBS Lost Person Behavior, HazMat Awareness, IS-100, IS-200, IS-300, IS-400, IS-700, IS-800, and IS-809.  Klay is also a NASAR SARTech II & I Lead Evaluator.  Klay holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Arkansas Tech University and owns KlinTech, Inc.

Erin Rowbotham

Erin has been a member of AABSS since 2006. Erin assists in scheduling of unit events, unit logistics during training and searches, assists in setting up training exercises, and helps manage the unit’s social media presence.  She is also a member of the Johnson County Dept. of Emergency Management Search and Rescue team where she assists in administrative and logistical tasks.  Erin is a Technician Class amateur radio operator.  Erin holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting from the University of the Ozarks and is currently a stay at mom.

Tanner Owens

Ashlea Spencer

Marchelle Jones

Marchelle has been a member of AABSS since 2013 and has been training with the unit since 2010.  Marchelle’s K-9 partner is Roscoe, a lab / border collie mix.  Marchelle and Roscoe started training for human remains detection in 2014 and hopes to become active soon.  She has also been a member of the Civil Air Patrol 102nd Squadron in Russellville, AR since 2002.  She is currently serving as the AR CAP Wing Director of Cadet Programs.  She is trained in multiple aspects of search & rescue including ground team, air crews, and various incident command staff positions.  She earned her SARTech II certification in 2012.  Marchelle attended Arkansas Tech University and currently works for the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission.  She is also currently a bus driver for Conway Public Schools.

Ann Eichenberger

Amber Jacimore


Cindy Shuler

Cindy started handling a bloodhound in 2003. She has taken a leave of absence as a handler so she can focus on her family. Cindy current works at the family-owned car dealership with her husband and family. She has attended numerous classes and seminars.